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Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail Advertising Program Delivering Fine Car, High Income Customers For 30 Years!

How Do I Find Out How Many Of My Favorite Cars Are In My Market Area And Get A Quote For The Ad-Card Auto Service Marketing Program With Absolutely No Obligation Or Pressure?

Give Me A Call Please. We Don't Do This By E-Mail.

Auto Service MarketingCall Now - Stop Worrying that you can't afford it - or - Zed will be pushy and call me back three times a day to bug me. We will do everything we can to create a custom auto repair marketing program for you that will fit your budget. And if I didn't call back at least once or twice, you would think I didn't care. But I am not pushy. So, give me a call. This just might be your Lucky Day!

Zed Daniels, President of Motor Service Marketing

Zed Daniels,
Motor Service Marketing

30 years of delivering Fine Car, High-Income Customers, not just car count.

Many shop owners pay a lot of money to go to seminars to hear someone with this kind of experience. But you can simply call me for free. Or read my book online:

The Art & Science of Selling Auto Service


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Auto Service Marketing by Motor Service Marketing

Auto Service MarketingBecause We Offer Exclusivity - the first thing we do is check your geographical area to make sure your market is open. If it is not, we will have to turn you down. But we can still sell you the mailing list.

Auto Service MarketingI will ask for specific details of your business and what your goals are. We will develop a mailing list and direct mail strategy based on the size of your business and your auto repair market area. Our foundation is slow, steady, high income customer growth, so you won't be overloaded.

Auto Service MarketingI will call you back with your information. I will give you your counts and a quote for the Ad-Card auto service marketing direct mail program. It will include complete costs and estimated completion times. I will answer all your questions and say Goodbye!

Auto Service MarketingYou calmly, wisely and considerately talk it over with your spouse or business partner. Be sure to call me if you have further questions. But the very best thing you can do to eliminate all confustion and completely understand the weight and power of this Marketing program is go read the free book, The Art & Science of Selling Auto Service.

Good News - The DMV List or the COMP-A List is available for purchase separately.
There is no exclusivity on mailing lists. Exclusivity is on the Ad-Card Program only.