The Worst Auto Repair Marketing Customer In The World

The Worst Auto Repair Marketing Customer In The World

If your auto repair marketing direct mail postcards are hitting everybody instead of the right customers only, you are not making any money.

Carrier route saturation mailings don’t even come close to targeted marketing. It is more like carpet bombing marketing. You hit everything that moves in your market area. Is that what you are really aiming for?

Who Is The Worst Auto Repair Marketing Customer In The World?

  1. He knows it is time for an oil change.
  2. Way past time actually, but he didn’t have the money.
  3. He goes to his kitchen junk drawer.
  4. Grabs every auto service marketing postcard he can find.
  5. He has been saving them up for this very moment.
  6. He doesn’t read a word of your finely crafted copy.
  7. He doesn’t care about the nice pictures of your shop.
  8. He just flips each card over to the back side to see how cheap your oil change is.
  9. He shows up at your shop.
  10. Slaps the card on your counter.
  11. Gets the cheap oil change.
  12. Gets the FREE car inspection.
  13. 40 minutes later, he says “NO” to all 5 things you found wrong with his car. (Even the cheap ones).
  14. He walks out smiling and will never come back until your next cheap coupon.

You have just spent $20 to $40 in service writer, mechanic and shop time making no money! You did not make money on this “Customer”. You lost money on this customer.

And to think you paid some auto repair advertising company to send this auto repair marketing customer to you.

Some 50% to 70% of the customers coming in from cheap, auto repair marketing direct mail are like this.
Cheap customers are sucking up the profits you are making on the few good customers who come in. How do you stop it?


Do you want to know how to solve this problem? 
Do you really want to know?
Are you willing to spend just a little time to find out how to almost eliminate these low profit/no profit customers from coming in from your auto repair marketing direct mail?

How to seriously help reduce the “Price Shopper” phone calls generated by your postcards.

How to spend most of your time working with higher income customers who care more about their car than they care about the price. And will pay you well for your services?

The right car with the right customer is what makes your auto repair marketing great!

This customer says YES! This customer delivers profits. This customer can afford to come back at full price. This customer tells their high income friends about you. Lots of customers like this is what builds a living, thriving business. All else is mere busy work, worry, and struggling for every nickel. Auto repair marketing postcards that deliver!


Don’t Read The Below Articles!
If you are looking for a short – 30 second read that tells you all the secrets of attracting auto repair marketing customers – stop reading now. If you are not willing to spend some time researching new strategies, you are not serious anyway.

Everyone wants the Cheap, Quick and Easy solution.

You need the right strategy and weapons to win.

Most all auto repair shops go out and buy a pea shooter and head for the front lines. The first guy to show up with a sniper rifle wins the war.

Below are two articles that show you a serious new strategy to bring in customers who will say yes.

Read these articles right now IF you are really tired of marginal to lousy results from your cheap auto repair marketing postcards, dragging in the cheap customer.

These articles are based on 30 years of auto repair marketing direct mail – tested and proven methods to bring in the Prime Customer. The goal? Success in delivering The Perfect Customer – That Will Increase Your Income. 

This is your call to higher income!
Not just higher car count for cheap, low profit/no profit busy work. And countless first time new customers who won’t come back at full price.
Who needs that? But you can change all that right now.

Simply go read these 2 articles. If you don’t believe it – don’t contact us.
If you would like to find out more – give us a call. 800-428-0286

Article Number 1
Automotive Service Marketing – Keep Your Eye On The Real Goal

Article Number 2
Auto Repair Marketing That Separates You From 99% Of Your Competition

Profitable auto service marketing.

The auto repair marketing company you chose will decide which customer will be walking through your door.


Auto service marketing direct mail.

Auto repair direct mail marketing for great customers and increased profits. Call us when you are ready to get serious about your income.

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Auto Repair Marketing That Separates You From 99% Of Your Competition

Auto Repair Marketing That Separates You From 99% Of Your Competition.

It is your auto repair marketing that will select the quality of customer you get.

When talking about auto repair marketing direct mail, your job is not to go shopping for the cheapest “Cost-Per-Card-Mailed”. Your job is to strategize and implement a dramatically singular program that sets you apart from your competition and brings in large numbers of fine car high income customers. Customers with the highest Profit-Per-New-Customer-Acquired Ratio. You are not buying a postcard! You are buying the quality of customer who walks through your door.

Don’t You Know That Every Auto Repair Shop Owner In The Nation is sitting in his/her chair of leadership trying to decide which company they are going to buy their auto repair marketing from. Just like you.

Don’t you know that every owner has the same fears, doubts, dis-beliefs, and worries about spending money on an auto repair marketing program that won’t increase their business? Just like you.

Don’t you know that if you make the decision to chose another cheap form of auto repair marketing, (even though it may be from a different company) you are doing exactly the same thing that every other shop owner in the nation is doing? Just like you.

Going Cheap. Staying Safe. So you think – “If it doesn’t work it didn’t cost me too much, so I don’t end up looking foolish because I spent more.”

But Since When Was The Cheapest Of Anything Ever The Best? Aren’t you looking for the best customers? Are you using the best auto repair marketing program to get them?

And, by simply choosing a different company, with a similar version, of cheap direct mail marketing once again – you throw yourself right back into the most competitive, cut throat marketing war the auto repair marketing industry has to offer. The toughest to overcome. The toughest to get ahead. And you chose to enter that war with cheap weapons. “Chop your price low enough to get them to give you a try.” And then be disappointed because it attracted mostly cheap customers once again. Cheap customers never come back at full price – which is really your desired outcome.

And the only ones making money on all this are the cheap marketing companies. They are even willing to work with your direct competitors IN YOUR OWN MARKET AREA  to increase their sales, even though it reduces your sales. While almost all of you shop owners, who are using these programs, are getting little return or barely breaking even.

The big, cheap marketing companies sell you based on your fears. Catchy, important sounding terms like: Cost-Per-Card-Mailed and Increased-Car-Count become the main objective in seeking out a new direct mail program.

But the problem is – neither of these factors mean a thing. “Profit-Per-New-Customer-Acquired”is the only factor you should consider when looking at any direct mail program, regardless of the cost. Profit is your goal. Higher income is your goal. Not wasting your time shopping around for the cheapest postcard that generates little or no profit.

The Cost-Per-Card-Mailed approach keeps you busy shopping for the cheapest postcard rather than chasing the highest paying customers. Good for their sales. Bad for your sales.
Click Here To See Why?

  1. As business owners we are always trying to balance these two deep seated concerns.
  2. The desire for gain.
  3. The fear of loss (and looking stupid). However, the fear of loss is about 10 times more powerful that the desire for gain.
  4. The fear of loss alone is responsible for more mediocre businesses and cheap, unsuccessful advertising, than any other reason.
  5. It keeps you from pushing beyond your comfort zone.
  6. Comfort zone marketing is the choice of almost all business owners, in every form of business. That is why 80% of business close withing the first 3 years. Or worse. They stay open but never get beyond barely getting by.
  7. Cheap marketing seems safe. So somehow, it makes sense. Even though it is sucking the life out of your business.
  8. Fear wins out most of the time, with 99% of the shop owners.
  9. How do I know.
  10. The largest, Multi-Million dollar marketing companies in our nation all produce cheap, fast and easy direct mail marketing.
  11. Their cheap programs perfectly target the object of your fears. Saving money on the front side. 
  12. It makes them look like the best option in every case. Every time.
  13. Even though the response is completely predictable.
  14. The same as it was using the last cheap advertising program. 

Isn’t that why you are reading this right now? You’re searching for something better. But if price is blinding you, you may not be able to see it, even with it sitting right here before you.

Remember this. The safe, cheap decision, when it comes to auto repair marketing, can keep you locked in low income purgatory for years. With many shops – even for a lifetime. Because they didn’t even know there was a high income producing option.

  • When you choose cheap auto repair marketing once again, you are simply jumping back into the same old boiling cauldron with the other 99% of shop owners. Owners who are making the same decision. Just like you.
  • For the same reason. Just like you.
  • The largest, most competitive group of shop owners.
  • With postcards that all looking alike. Feel alike. Read alike.
  • That all make the same claims to be the best, but look just like all the rest.
  • All going cheap.
  • All thinking that they are fighting for the high income customer.
  • When reality has already taught them they are merely getting their equally divided share of the low income customers. Right along with the other shops who chose to go with the same cheap marketing strategy.

Maybe It’s Time To Take A New Look At Auto Repair Marketing.
rom The Profit Side – Instead Of The Cost Side.
Because, Since When Was The Cheapest Of Anything Ever The Best?

  • Here’s the reality of it all.
  • We are Motor Service Marketing – the home of the Ad-Card auto repair marketing direct mail program.
  • We charge a little more for the Ad-Card program. Because of better targeting. Better mailing lists. Tested and proven card designs. Delivering higher profit customers. And clients that stick with us for 4 years, 6 years, 8 or 9 year and 17 years and still counting. EVEN THOUGH IT COST A LITTLE MORE. Much higher income and growth of loyal customers is the reason. We bring em in + you keep em in = high income.
  • And the Ad-Card creates more loyal, return customers at full price, where you actually make the real money.
  • But we also give you EXCLUSIVITY. Working with no competitors in your market. So we are not siphoning off your leads and giving them away to your competitors like our competitors do.
  • But here’s the significant difference.
  • Ad-Card specialize in bringing in fine car, high income customers only.
  • Sending out class postcards that are designed for fine car customer only.
  • The cheap customer doesn’t even get a card from you. You don’t have to weed them out using your high paid shop staff to deal with price shoppers on the phone or fight over price at the counter. We eliminate that for you at only pennies more per card. This alone can save you $20 to $40 per cheap customer who puts you through the cheap oil change and free inspection, but don’t purchase your services.

You see, according to the cost-per-card-mailed strategy, the Ad-Card costs too much. But here is why it costs more.

Here’s the secret? Ad-Card is sent out ONLY TO fine car owners, by car make and year, selected by the DMV List (or Comp-A List in states where the DMV List is not available) The best compiled list we have ever used.

By-the-way, Click here if you ever hear a competitive list salesman tell you there is no such thing as a DMV list -or -it is illegal. We have been selling it for 9 years and it is the best list in the auto repair marketing business. Used by top auto shops all around the country. Don’t let this lie steal if from you. There is nothing better. It’s DMV.

The Ad-Card auto repair marketing program instantly eliminates the cheap customer from calling or coming into your shop because the cheap customer does not even get your auto repair marketing postcard.

So, when a customer comes in – you already know they will be a fine car owner. People who paid more to buy their car. People who love their car and could even have their image and ego tied up in their car. And they are willing to pay well for your services, to keep their car running to perfection.

And the best part!!! The customers that Ad-Card brings in –  have enough money to come back to be a loyal, regular customer at full price. Direct mail marketing that brings in high income customers is the absolute best way (maybe the only way) to assure loyal, high income, repeat business at full price. Because if they don’t have the money, you can forget a full price return visit.

High income level is the only thing that can turn a new customer into a long time, full paying, loyal, regular customer.

Motor Service Marketing has been the best in the industry at pulling auto service customers away from dealerships for 30 years. That is why we never work with dealerships. Our profession and loyalty lies with independent auto repair shops only. That is all we do, and we have done it very well for 3 decades.

Most of our competitors work not only with dealerships, but also your direct independent shop competitors at the same time as you, within your same market area. And a slew of other industries like restaurants, dentists, medical, real estate, legal, plumbing, electricians, etc., etc. And they still call themselves auto repair marketing specialists. And not one of them offers you exclusivity like we do.

Exclusivity has far greater value than you might think. It not only gives you the right to use the Ad-Card auto repair marketing program exclusively in your market area. It also keeps other shops from using it against you. AND THAT IS FREE FOR YOU! BUT VERY COSTLY FOR US.

But you won’t even notice how much it is worth to you – until we call you the first time, second, third or fourth time to tell you we have just turned down another one of your competitors who liked our work. That little feature makes you more money.

The Ad-Card, by Motor Service Marketing, Delivers fine car, high income car owners, selected by car make and year. There is just no better way to reach the right customer, than by selecting their fine car, using the DMV auto repair marketing mailing list. (Or the Comp-A List).

But Remember This As You Are Reading And Watching The Following Current Customer Reviews. If You Are Following “The Cost-Per-Card-Mailed Strategy”, The Ad-Card Auto Repair Marketing Direct Mail Program Costs Too Much.

Auto repair marketing direct mail that  weeds out the cheap customers.

One of the original founders of the AMI (Automotive Management Institute) program, Steve Louden has given auto repair marketing seminars all across the country for decades. He has used our Ad-Card auto service marketing direct mail program for 17 consecutive years.

Dallas, Texas: According to the nationally accepted advertising strategy of “Cost-Per-Card-Mailed”, Steve Louden of Louden Motorcar Service Has Paid Too Much For His Direct Mail Marketing Program For 17 Year.

That’s right. We have 2 year clients, 4, 6, 8 and 10 year clients. And even one 17 year client, all “Paying Too Much” for the best auto repair marketing program they have ever used. Hhhhmmmmm… You mean there could be something to this?

A 6 year client paying too much in Indianapolis.

Direct mail that makes a difference.

This says it all. This is it. Auto repair marketing direct mail that works. Bringing in the fine car, high income customer. You can do this too. Even if you are a general service shop. Call us to find out how and why.

An 8 Year Client Paying Too Much For Auto Repair Marketing In Boca Raton Florida.

There are 1,000 ways to send out cheap auto repair marketing. But there is only one way to do it right – to generate serious income. We’ve been doing it right for 30 years.

Possibly – Are You Just About Ready To Start Paying Too Much For Your Auto Repair Marketing? To Find something that actually increases your income. Something that develops your business growth, adding value to it if you ever decide to sell it. Call Us Right Now To Find Out What Ad-Card Can Do For You.

  • When you are ready to leap out of the 99 percenter group…
  • To break out of your comfort zone.
  • Ready to grind your fears into the dirt and start advancing toward real growth.
  • To make a move that almost all of your competitors don’t have the courage to make.
  • That can set you apart from your competition like nothing else.
  • That will lock out your competitors from using the Ad-Card program against you because of exclusivity.
  • Call Motor Service Marketing at 800-428-0286

Want to find out more? Free online book. 30 years of experience on every page.  It’s all about flipping your customer base. The number one strategy for higher income.

Find Out How You Can Make A Lot More – By Paying Too Much For Your Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing.

Selling Auto Repair

Start bringing in high income customers only and watch your customer base change and your income level start taking care of itself.

Since When Was The Cheapest Of Anything Ever The Best?
But You’ll Never Know Unless You Try The Best.

Auto Repair Advertising direct mail by Motor Service Marketing.

What have you got to lose by calling us right now. Nothing. What do you possibly have to gain? Everything! 800-428-0286

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